The last election results updated was posted by the registrar on the afternoon of Nov. 12. On Nov. 9, Lynette Gibson McElhaney conceded the District 3 City Council race to Carroll Fife. In District 1, Steph Walton conceded by posting a statement on Facebook. Dan Kalb is the winner of that race. Rebecca Kaplan’s campaign sent an email also declaring victory in the at-large City Council race and her closest challenger, Derreck Johnson, sent an email to his supporters conceding. In D7, Treva Reid has maintained a big lead since election night and most votes are now counted. Barbara Parker defeated Eli Ferran in the city attorney race. In District 5, Noel Gallo maintains a slim majority preventing a ranked choice runoff.

Measures S1 (Police Commission), Y (school bonds), QQ (youth vote), and RR ($1,000 fine limit) have all passed.

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District 1 City Council

The registrar mailed 48,158 ballots to D1 voters and 39,272 of these voters completed and returned their ballot. As with other Oakland districts, it’s unclear how many extra D1 voters voted in person.

District 1 OUSD school board

District 3 City Council

32,222 of 44,758 voters returned their mailed ballot to be counted. On Monday, Nov. 9 Lynette Gibson McElhaney conceded to Carroll Fife.

District 3 OUSD school board

District 5 City Council

18,531 of 26,728 voters returned their mailed ballot to be counted.

District 5 OUSD school board

District 7 City Council

19,705 of 30,579 voters returned their mailed ballot to be counted.

District 7 OUSD School board

At-large City Council

193,923 of 262,529 voters in the entire city returned their mailed ballot to be counted.

City Attorney

Measure S1 (Strengthening the Police Commission)

Measure QQ (Youth school board vote)

Measure RR ($1,000 fine limit on blight and dumping)

Measure Y ($735 million school bond)