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Affordable HOusing guide

A hand holds a copy of the pocket-sized Affordable Housing Guide. A bunch of copies are scattered across the table behind it.
Credit: Ximena Natera

city hall & policing

Oakland’s dangerous roadways

An investigative series looking into traffic and pedestrian safety in our city. Read more.

Education equity

Arts & Community

Housing & Homelessness

Health & Environment

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Built on a foundation of listening

From a listening session we held in downtown Oakland in spring 2020. Credit: CB Smith-Dahl

How do we build an outlet for local journalism that is rooted in, representative of, and responsive to communities in a city as diverse, complex, and powerful as Oakland?

Hundreds of Oaklanders told us what they want from local journalism. Here’s what we learned.


Values guiding our work

News organizations don’t always tell you–or know–what drives their decisions.