Day 2 of Live-ish began with the voices of dynamic local youth leaders who talked about the key movements and protests in Oakland in 2020-21. Next up, from Lake Merritt, a look at hotly contested issues of space, identity, and belonging around the lake, as well as its unique biodiversity. The day closed with lessons learned from the pandemic around housing and homelessness.

Youth leadership in a year of protest

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Education equity reporter Ashley McBride talks with Denilson Garibo, a recent student director on the OUSD school board, Malia Liao, a student at Oakland Technical High School, and other youth leaders of movements and protests from the past year—including the push to allow Oakland students to vote for school board members, the end of campus police, and student marches against police brutality.

Race, space, and Lake Merritt

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The Oaklandside’s news editor Darwin BondGraham talks with City Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas about hotly contested issues of space, identity, and belonging around the lake, followed by conversations about biodiversity and the rewilding of Oakland’s central meeting place with Lake Merritt Institute Executive Director James Robinson and lake experts Damon Tighe and Katie Noonan.

Music from Caroline Chung

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Caroline Chung is a Bay Area Jazz bassist, activist, song writer and producer who just released her first solo album Sounds Of Haejin.

She has been gigging  professionally for many years and has been an advocate for women musicians, organizing and putting on several Women in Jazz shows at the Red Poppy Art House as well as tributes to some of her favorite composers like Charles Mingus and Billy Strayhorn.

Caroline has always been bringing different musicians together with her collective band Citizens Jazz and can be seen performing all over the Bay Area. For her album she was able to unite 14 different Bay Area talents during the pandemic lockdown and produced her album in her living room. Sounds Of Haejin is available on all streaming platforms.

The pandemic and Oakland’s housing crisis

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The pandemic has prompted emergency policies and big thinking around housing and homelessness in our city and county. Housing reporter Natalie Orenstein talks to unhoused community advocate Mavin Carter Griffin, the county’s homeless care director Kerry Abbott, housing advocate James Vann, and Oakland landlord Gina Baker about lessons learned and what’s possible going forward.

Oaklandside Live-ish was a dynamic virtual event held in June 2021 on The Oaklandside’s first birthday. See more about Live-ish.  

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