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The Oaklandside is here to help you navigate local elections in a complicated year.

We started reporting on local elections this year—the first election season our new newsroom is around to cover—with a “citizen’s agenda” approach: we asked diverse Oakland residents across the city about what’s working and what’s not in their neighborhoods and school districts. Based on what we learned from you, we asked the candidates about Oaklanders’ priorities, scrutinized campaign finance and other public records, and looked into election security and the impacts of COVID-19 on your ability to vote.

Pick a district below to learn more about its City Council and school board races. (Only odd-numbered districts vote in 2020; evens will vote in 2022.) Don’t know what district you’re in? Enter your address in the map on this page. Read on below for citywide coverage.

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Illustrations by Mike Nicholls.

oakland 2020 Election fundamentals

How to vote in Oakland this year

With the pandemic and suspicious postal service cuts, voters face more obstacles this year. Here’s what local officials are planning, and how to make sure your ballot is counted.

How secure is voting-by-mail in Oakland?

After downtown mail boxes were removed last month, local postal workers and voters are staying vigilant. Here’s how the entire process works, and how to track your ballot as it travels through the mail.

more Citywide election coverage

Oakland live election results 2020

Election results for Oakland City Council, OUSD school board, City Attorney, and Oakland ballot measures.


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