Walden Center & School is a small, progressive, K-6 elementary school where children are taken seriously so they can be their authentic selves.

Our unique program is grounded in:

Agency: Our students take responsibility, make choices, build knowledge, and think critically. They trust themselves.

Peace: Walden’s unique learning community nurtures mutual respect, peaceful conflict resolution, and empathy. We trust each other.

Arts: All children at Walden express themselves through acting, dancing, playing musical instruments, singing and creating visual art. Making art engages the whole child and cultivates creative self-expression, risk-taking, and appreciation of multiple perspectives. Children engaged in art use these habits in academics too. They trust their skills.

Academics: Our academic curriculum is developmental, multisensory, and experiential. Children learn in depth and with joy. They trust their knowledge.

Walden’s graduates can think critically, solve problems creatively, resolve conflicts peacefully, build relationships honestly, and easily hold their own. Walden alumni change the world.

Walden Center & School

2446 Mckinley Ave
Berkeley, CA 94703

Admissions contact: Winona Alexander

Grades: Transitional K-6th
Category: Academic, Alternative, Independent