The Crowden School for grades 3–8 provides a transformative academic education, with chamber music at its core. Crowden’s unique philosophy of collaborative learning empowers our students to thrive in life.

You don’t have to already play an instrument to attend The Crowden School—we accept beginners! If your child is curious about the world, enjoys being part of a team, or can’t stop singing in the shower, they will benefit from a Crowden School education.

At The Crowden School, small class sizes and close student-teacher interactions allow for each student to be recognized and appreciated as a unique individual, and to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities. Crowden’s ensemble learning model prompts students to work well independently and within a group, encouraging individual leadership as well as teamwork. Our approach cultivates an environment of empathy and trust, and fosters close bonds of friendship and respect among students. Through the daily activity of playing music together in ensembles, students learn skills such as focused listening, dedicated practice and perseverance, responsibility, and empathy. These essential skills are further developed in the academic classrooms, where our project-based collaborative curriculum challenges students to develop critical thinking, curiosity, self-confidence, and a lifelong love of learning.

The Crowden School

1475 Rose Street
Berkeley, CA 94702

Admissions contact: Kirsten Shallenberg

Grades: 3rd – 8th
Category: Academic, Independent, Specialty