At Redwood Day, everything we do is designed to keep every child engaged and growing.

Academically, that means a world-class curriculum, the best teachers, and a focus on the individual student. Our teachers are at the forefront of cutting edge educational practices. They connect our curriculum to each child, helping students gain the skills they need to reach for the next academic challenge.

Socially and emotionally, we teach students to work through challenges, respect each other’s differences, and honor their diverse community. We provide students with tools to solve conflicts, take risks, make ethical decisions, and lead with courage and integrity. As a diverse community, we find great strength in multiple perspectives and embrace every opportunity to weave diversity in thought and action into our social, emotional, and academic lives.

Redwood Day

Grades: K-8
Category: Academic, Independent

3245 Sheffield Ave
Oakland, CA

Admission Contact: Donnie Smith