Mentoring Academy’s students are very successful: in their academics, social growth, psychological health and commitment to their own development including college admissions, national testing, happiness, and essential life skills. The major reasons are:

  • Very small classes, 2 to 5 students, with lots of individual 1:1 time. 
  • Focus on developing important relationships with mentors, peers and family.
  • School work is not just completed, but skills are mastered so the student is ready for what is next.  No falling through the cracks.
  • Experienced, caring, mentors gauge needed support and guide mastery of strong academics, identify stumbling blocks, help students create solutions.
  • The result pf the trusting, knowledgeable, relationships is that students seek help without fear of being judged or belittled. 
  • Expectations are high, but support makes attaining the goals doable.  School should not be painful. The relationships, coupled with individualized learning can make it joyful.
  • School work is done at school so mentors do the teaching and the family has a life at home.
  • All-school International study and travel (Cuba, Poland, Guatemala, Italy, Costa Rica)
  • Classes, activities, retreats, individual time, daily events support each student’s ability to interact and obtain help as needed.  Graduates go to college faculty office hours because they are comfortable with adults and professors.
  • Staff  is experienced with diverse students including those who:
    • are willing to seriously engage,
    • become anxious, 
    • are driven to be perfect or quit,
    • just love learning,
    • have social challenges,
    • think they are not good enough,
    • already have strong academic skills and want to employ them,
    • are attached to electronics,
    • have difficulty completing assignments.
  • Students make mistakes, run into difficulties, act poorly.  Staff assist each one to learn to do better rather than punish.
  • Students experience the joy of their growth and power by really learning important skills, sharing, thinking and succeeding.
  • Complete, extensive College Admissions Support Program is included in curriculum. 
  • Accredited, with a 10 year history of supporting students as they change their lives.  
  • Rolling admissions. 

We have room for a few others to join us for the 2022—23 journey.

Mentoring Academy

1918 Bonita Ave (at Berkeley Way)
Berkeley, CA 94704

Admissions contact: John Muster

Grades: 9 – 12
Category: Academic