Ale Industries Brewing

Credit: Ale Industries Credit: Courtesy of Ale Industries

Big, sad news for the local craft beer community — after 15 years, Ale Industries has ceased operations, effective immediately. The Fruitvale brewery posted its farewell notice on Facebook on Nov. 6. “This year we have seen a 50% rent increase, soaring costs of business across the board, and even more unfortunate, the rising rate of crime in our hometown,” it explained.  “We have been broken into 5 separate times in the last year. Each time we increase our security, and each time the break-ins get bolder. All these challenges have led us to what we believe to be the most responsible decision of shutting down our brewery. Any other solution would have led us to either pricing ourselves out of the market, or borrowing money that we would potentially have no way of paying back.” Ale Industries will sell off its product through the month of November; fans of its Cherry Kush, East Bay IPA, Town Beer, Uncle Jesse’s and its many, many other popular styles should head over to the brewery to stock up and commiserate. Ale Industries was at 3096 E 10th St. in Oakland. 

Broom Bush Cafe

All is unfortunately quiet, dark and damp through the blackened windows of Broom Bush Cafe in Berkeley, where a daytime fire on Sunday, Nov. 5 was thankfully contained and kept to the kitchen by Berkeley firefighters. The fire and smoke damage has led to a temporary closure of the decades-old, affordable, diner-style cafe. Broom Bush Cafe originally opened in 1985, and was acquired by Sunny and James Jung of Dublin a year and a half ago. We hope to know more soon, but for now, diners please consider helping out the cafe in its time of need. Broom Bush Cafe at 2725 San Pablo Av. in Berkeley is temporarily closed due to fire damage.

Rossmoor Diner

“Breaking news everyone,” says a Yelp review from 2012 of Walnut Creek’s Rossmoor Diner. “I have found the location where they actually make your hash browns extra crispy when you order them that way.” The old-fashioned diner inside the Rossmoor Shopping Center, opened in 1988, did more than that in its 35 years, before closing on Oct. 8. It provided clean, comfortable, friendly and consistent service to Walnut Creek locals for diner-style breakfast, lunch and early dinner, and offered the community an easy, budget- and family-friendly gathering spot that spanned generations. Hat tip to Rossmoor News for breaking the story of the closure, which occurred because of a landlord dispute. The Hangout, a year-old, diner-esque restaurant with a location in Pleasant Hill, is purportedly set to move into the space, opening date TBD. Rossmoor Diner was at 1908 Tice Valley Blvd. in the Rossmoor Shopping Center in Walnut Creek. 

Sushi Salon Pop-up at Fish & Bird Sousaku Izakaya

Sushi Salon, the beloved omakase pop-up known for its fish preparations and working with a renowned Japanese fish broker, has ceased service out of Fish & Bird Sousaku Izakaya to focus on an upcoming brick-and-mortar opening in Oakland. Watch Instagram or follow Nosh for updates. Sushi Salon has ended its pop-up out of Fish & Bird; look for a brick-and-mortar opening soon at 4008 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. in Oakland.