Welcome to Nosh at 10, East Bay Nosh’s celebration of its tenth anniversary. We hope you’ll stay with us all week, as we bring back some of Nosh’s most notable stories.

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Ten years ago, the founders of Berkeleyside launched Nosh, the publication you’re reading right now. Back then, Nosh was just a section within the Berkeleyside website, but with a focus beyond Berkeley: Instead, Nosh set out to cover the food scene across the East Bay, telling compelling and enlightening stories about our diverse and delicious region.

It achieved that goal almost immediately, offering reporting that was swiftly picked up by other outlets, publishing insightful interviews, and casting attention on neighborhood favorites often passed over by other outlets in the area.

Don’t just take my word regarding these accomplishments: all week long, we’ll be resurfacing some of Nosh’s most notable stories, with updates and “where are they nows” whenever merited. There are some plot twists that will knock your socks off.

Rereading these stories for this celebratory week, I was struck anew at how solidly Nosh’s first two editors, Kate Williams and Sarah Han, built this publication into one that truly understands local food businesses, and the hard-working people who own them. Since its launch, Nosh has dedicated just as much attention, if not more, to family-owned businesses beloved by a neighborhood as it has to the latest splashy, star chef-helmed spot.

It’s a tradition I’ve been honored to continue since I joined Nosh as its third editor in 2021, working with a wide-ranging roster of expert contributors who tell stories from a remarkable variety of perspectives. It’s a flavorful combination that means Nosh’s reporting is consistently among the highest read coverage on Berkeleyside and The Oaklandside.

Nosh is the only daily Bay Area food publication focused solely on the East Bay.

As with all things that continue for a decade, Nosh has evolved a lot since it began. We’re now known as East Bay Nosh, and our reporting runs on not just Berkeleyside but The Oaklandside — and, when Cityside expands into additional areas in the East Bay, you’ll find Nosh on those sites, too. Now, we’re the only daily Bay Area food publication focused solely on the East Bay, and one of the only homegrown, independent daily food and dining news outlets in all of Northern California.

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Thank you, as always for your years of readership, tips, and contributions. Here’s to another ten years!