Readers choice winner


This Telegraph-centric North Oakland neighborhood led our readers’ pick this year as the area they headed to most for a drink or a meal. With nightlife ranging from Kingfish to the White Horse to Snail Bar, a multitude of taprooms, food from around the globe and bakeries like Bakesale Betty and Mariposa, this makes sense: there’s an option here for any craving or interest, along an appealing and walkable stretch.

Cityside’s editorial picks

Every time my friend and fellow cocktail writer Lou Bustamante pens a story about his hometown Vallejo, I’m like wow. Vallejo! (I acknowledge that it is technically North Bay, but within striking distance.) Did you know they’ve got Mister Beans’ favorite taco truck parked over there? That would be Rancho Gordo founder Steve Sando, obviously. Did you know they’ve got a Michelin-starred power couple spinning stunning tarts? We’re talking Tarts de Feybesse. Along with this whole breakout pastry scene. Thanks as always for the hot tips, Lou. — Nosh contributor Becky Duffett

Solano should be renamed Temptation Ave. From Berkeley to Albany, it is lined with the most irresistible bites: Ajanta, Delirama, Zachary’s, I Scream, Signal Coffee, Squabisch, Xocolates, China Village, Kim’s Cafe, Little Star Pizza, Picnic, [insert your favorite here] — all of it, the whole avenue. — Nosh openings and closings columnist Joanna Della Penna

Either Uptown Oakland or Rockridge. Lots of changes and new additions. — Nosh contributor Risa Nye

I feel a thrill any time I’m in the Oakland micro-neighborhood bordered by 22nd, Broadway and 24th, especially at night. There’s genius on every corner, with Hi Felicia, alaMar, Low Bar, Viridian, Mela Bistro, La Bonita, Lovely’s and Two Pitchers and so many more destination spots all a short stumble away. (Special mention to now-shuttered Daughter’s Diner, the princess pancakes from which I still think about all the time.) On a warm night, with people walking from place to place, it almost feels like a food-centric college town but for all ages, with folks eating their way from block to block. There’s something special in the air around there, and I never get tired of it. — Nosh editor Eve Batey