Did you know that East Bay Nosh is over nine years old? We wrote our first story in 2012 (it was about Oliveto’s truffle dinners) and ever since, we’ve been publishing thoughtful and original reporting, with features, news, lists and guides that are mindful of the human and cultural elements of food and dining, as it relates to our East Bay community. One thing we haven’t done is figure out who you are. We’re going to fix that, but we need your help.

Here’s some of Nosh’s backstory, in case you didn’t know: We’re the only Bay Area food publication solely focused on the East Bay, and are part of Cityside Journalism Initiative, the nonprofit community news organization that powers Berkeleyside and The Oaklandside. Nosh stories (we publish four or five a week) are syndicated across all Cityside publications, and are featured on those outlets’ homepages, social feeds and within their newsletters. 

Every story we write is free to read. Our popular daily newsletter is also free. So when you click on a link there, or from our dedicated Instagram account, Facebook page or Twitter, you’ll never hit a paywall.

Donations from readers are one of the key ways we are able to do our work. But we know that that’s not feasible for everyone. So here’s another way you can help: right now, and through April 4, we’re running a survey that’s open to all Nosh readers, no matter where you live. The information we collect will help our revenue team sell advertising, will help our fundraisers explain Nosh’s readership to donors and will help our editorial side make strategic decisions. 

Your answers will never be shared with anyone outside Cityside, and you can stay completely anonymous if you’d like. However, to thank you for your time, anyone who provides their email address will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate donated to Cityside by Whole Foods.

Thanks in advance for doing this. We’re so honored that you trust us as your homegrown, independent daily publication about the East Bay food and dining scene. Every answer you provide will help us do our jobs even better than before.

Featured image: Staeiou (Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0)