Edna Brewer Middle School, which was previously in District 5, is now in District 4. Credit: Pete Rosos

The Oakland Redistricting Commission adopted a new district map for the city on Wednesday night, and the revised boundaries place some OUSD schools in new districts. The changes also have ramifications for several school board races this November.

Oakland’s City Council and school board share the same seven district boundaries, but the relationship between OUSD school board directors and their constituents is a bit more complicated than the City Council’s. OUSD directors, like councilmembers, are elected by the residents of their districts—but because OUSD has open enrollment and students aren’t limited to their neighborhood schools, families living in one district may have children who attend schools in another.

The school board seats for Districts 2, 4, and 6 will be up for election this November. Those seats are currently held by Aimee Eng, Gary Yee, and Shanthi Gonzales, respectively. No school board candidates have officially filed paperwork yet to run.

District 5 Director Mike Hutchinson’s seat is not up for reelection this year. But Hutchinson, who lives in Glenview, said he plans to run for the open District 4 seat, since the new district map places his neighborhood there.

“I think it’s really important that our elected representatives actually represent their districts,” he said. “If I’m living in D4, and that’s up for election, that’s the seat that I should be running for. And that will make sure that D5 will be represented by somebody who actually lives in D5.”

Hutchinson’s current term as director of District 5 is up in 2024. If he were elected in November to represent District 4 next year, he would resign from his current seat and the school board could appoint someone to fill it, or hold a special election.

Read on to see how the new map affects the placement of specific schools. You can learn more about Oakland’s redistricting process by reading The Oaklandside’s previous coverage, and view an interactive version of the new district map online

This list of schools below will change further as OUSD plans to close seven schools over the next two years. 

District 1 – Sam Davis

The schools in this district are mainly unchanged, with the exception of Hillcrest K-8 being moved to District 4. 

  • Chabot Elementary
  • Claremont Middle
  • Emerson Elementary
  • Emerson Child Development Center
  • Oakland International High
  • Oakland Technical High
  • Peralta Elementary
  • Piedmont Avenue Elementary
  • Sankofa United Elementary
  • Young Adult Program

District 2 – Aimee Eng

The schools here remain the same. La Escuelita, which currently serves kindergarten to 8th grade, will lose its middle school grades this year. 

  • Bella Vista Elementary
  • Bella Vista Child Development Center
  • Cleveland Elementary
  • Crocker Highlands Elementary
  • Dewey Academy
  • Franklin Elementary
  • Garfield Elementary
  • Gateway to College at Laney College
  • La Escuelita
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Oakland High
  • Metwest High
  • Roosevelt Middle
  • United Nations Child Development Center
  • Yuk Yau Child Development Center

District 3 – VanCedric Williams

This district’s schools are also unchanged. 

  • Emiliano Zapata Street Academy
  • Harriet Tubman Child Development Center
  • Hoover Elementary
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary
  • McClymonds High
  • Prescott Elementary
  • Ralph J. Bunche High
  • Westlake Middle
  • West Oakland Middle

District 4 – Gary Yee

This district gained three new schools: Hillcrest (previously in District 1), and Glenview Elementary, and Edna Brewer Middle (all previously in District 5). Horace Mann Elementary and Fruitvale Elementary were in District 4 and are now in District 5. 

  • Allendale Elementary
  • Bret Harte Middle
  • Edna Brewer Middle
  • Glenview Elementary
  • Hillcrest K-8
  • Joaquin Miller Elementary
  • Laurel Child Development Center
  • Laurel Elementary
  • Montclair Elementary
  • Montera Middle
  • Redwood Heights Elementary
  • Sequoia Elementary
  • Thornhill Elementary

District 5 – Mike Hutchinson

This district lost Edna Brewer Middle School and Glenview Elementary School to District 4, and gained Fruitvale Elementary and Horace Mann Elementary, but the latter will be closing after the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Bridges Academy at Melrose
  • Centro Infantil Child Development Center
  • Fremont High
  • Fruitvale Elementary
  • Global Family Elementary
  • Horace Mann Elementary
  • International Child Development Center
  • International Community School
  • Jefferson Child Development Center
  • Life Academy 
  • Manzanita Child Development Center
  • Manzanita Community Elementary
  • Manzanita SEED Elementary
  • Think College Now
  • United for Success Academy
  • Urban Promise Academy

District 6 – Shanthi Gonzales

This district now includes Rudsdale Continuation School, Sojourner Truth Independent Study, and Oakland Academy of Knowledge, which were previously in District 7. (Sojourner Truth Independent Study currently offers virtual learning only.) 

Parker K-8 and Community Day School, an alternative school for expelled students, will be closed at the end of this school year. Carl B. Munck is closing next year. 

  • Arroyo Viejo Child Development Center
  • Burbank Preschool Center
  • Burckhalter Elementary
  • Carl B. Munck Elementary
  • Coliseum College Prep Academy
  • Community Day School
  • East Oakland Pride Elementary
  • Frick United Academy of Language
  • Greenleaf Elementary
  • Hintil Kuu Ca Child Development Center
  • Lockwood Child Development Center
  • Lockwood STEAM Academy
  • Markham Elementary
  • Melrose Leadership Academy
  • Oakland Academy of Knowledge
  • Parker K-8
  • Rudsdale Continuation School
  • Skyline High
  • Sojourner Truth 

District 7 – Clifford Thompson

Oakland Academy of Knowledge, Rudsdale Continuation School and Sojourner Truth Independent Study have moved to District 6. 

Three schools in District 7 are slated to close next year: Grass Valley Elementary, Korematsu Discovery Academy, and Brookfield Elementary. Rise Community Elementary and New Highland Academy, which are on the same campus, will merge this year.

  • Acorn Woodland Child Development Center
  • Acorn Woodland Elementary
  • Brookfield Elementary
  • Castlemont High
  • Elmhurst United Middle
  • Encompass Academy
  • Esperanza Elementary
  • Grass Valley Elementary
  • Highland Child Development Center
  • Korematsu Discovery Academy
  • Madison Park Academy TK-5
  • Madison Park Academy 6-12
  • New Highland Academy
  • REACH Academy
  • Rise Community Elementary
  • Stonehurst Child Development Center

This story was updated on March 1 to include OUSD’s early childhood education centers.

Ashley McBride writes about education equity for The Oaklandside. Her work covers Oakland’s public district and charter schools. Before joining The Oaklandside in 2020, Ashley was a reporter for the San Antonio Express-News and the San Francisco Chronicle as a Hearst Journalism Fellow, and has held positions at the Poynter Institute and the Palm Beach Post. Ashley earned her master’s degree in journalism from Syracuse University.