Oakland uses ranked choice voting, which appears this way on a ballot. Credit: Darwin BondGraham

As a nonprofit news organization, The Oaklandside is barred from endorsing candidates or taking a position on voter propositions. But if you’re looking for information about how other informed locals feel about this year’s ballot measures and City Council and school board candidates, you’re in luck.

Numerous Oakland journalists, activists, and political, business, and civic groups have done the hard work of researching the people and issues on the ballot and making their own recommendations.

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of local voter guides. If you’re looking for more, check out Oakland resident Sarah Fathallah’s massive spreadsheet, where she’s rounded up over three dozen such efforts.

Please note: inclusion of any guide isn’t an endorsement by The Oaklandside.

A sampling of Oakland voter guides compiled by individuals

How Pete’s Voting: by Pete Woiwode, a progressive activist.

Hyphenated Republic’s ‘Don’t Vote For…’: by Jaime Omar Yassin, a local independent journalist who pays close attention to City Hall.

Mara and Carter: by Mara Schechter and Carter Lavin, Oakland residents and progressive activists.

#OakMtg (Appreciation) Club: by a small informal group of Oakland residents interested in government transparency and police issues.

Drake Talk Oakland: by Pamela Drake, longtime Oakland resident and progressive activist.

Sarah Fathallah: a giant spreadsheet of endorsements by numerous organizations compiled by an Oakland resident who “loves spreadsheets.”

Town Biz Voter Guide: by Chaney Turner, a local business owner.

A sampling of Oakland voter guides compiled by groups and organizations

Alameda County Republican Party: by the county chapter of the national party.

East Bay for Everyone: by a pro-housing-development group.

East Bay Housing Organizations: by an affordable housing advocacy group.

East Bay Democratic Socialists of America: by a democratic socialist group.

GO Public Schools: by an education policy group.

John George Democratic Club: by a progressive Democratic Party group with roots in the Civil Rights Movement.

League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay: by a local environmental group.

League of Women Voters of Oakland: by a civic organization focused on mobilizing and educating voters.

Oakland Education Association: by the local teachers union.

Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce: by a local business association.

Oakland Rising Action: by a progressive and pro-labor group.

Space Cat Voter Guide: by the Oakland Guild of Space Cat Voters, a progressive cohort.

SPUR: by a regional business and urban policy group.

Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club: by a progressive Democratic Party club.

The Oaklandside is here to help you vote

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Oakland ballot measures: Y (school bond), RR (higher dumping and blight fines), QQ (youth school board vote), S1 (stronger Police Commission)

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The Oaklandside doesn’t make endorsements, but we’ve compiled local voter guides for you.

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Before joining The Oaklandside as News Editor, Darwin BondGraham was a freelance investigative reporter covering police and prosecutorial misconduct. He has reported on gun violence for The Guardian and was a staff writer for the East Bay Express. He holds a doctorate in sociology from UC Santa Barbara and was the co-recipient of the George Polk Award for local reporting in 2017. He is also the co-author of The Riders Come Out at Night, a book examining the Oakland Police Department's history of corruption and reform.